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2010 June 7
by J Storlie
your computer works in yakima

Computer Help Forum on Facebook

When you need computer help in Yakima, look no further than Facebook.  The Yakima Networking Facebook page is set up with a discussion tab that can work as a computer help forum.

It’s easy to get answers to your computer questions from trained professionals.  Sometimes you don’t need physical help, you just need a question answered, right?

  • My computer works fine and then suddenly restarts itself
  • My laptop computer works at home but won’t connect to the Internet at work
  • My computer works, but it’s really slow. What happened?
  • How do I install this keyboard? It didn’t come with a disk.
  • How often should I defragment my hard drive?
  • The picture on my monitor is shaky
  • Can I retrieve files from my old laptop when it won’t even turn on?

What about you, do you have any computer questions?  Where will you go when something is wrong with your computer?  (Yakima networking) Who will you ask when you need a quick question answered?  (Yakima Networking)

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