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2010 August 7

It’s back-to-school time and here at Yakima Networking, that means one thing: Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, we’ll get a million back-to-school laptops in for repair and virus removal.

Buying computer equipment for kids is tricky. You don’t want to spend much, because you know there’s a strong possibility that it will be dropped, stepped on, lost or damaged. But you know modern kids have computing needs, for school work and… let’s be honest, games and social networking.

Lenova IdeaPad g530

The Lenova IdeaPad g530 is functional, durable and inexpensive (says PCWorld)

Avoiding Craptop Disasters

Craptop is the technical terminology we use for cheap laptops that… suck.  Not that all cheap laptops suck.  Some manufacturers are more opportunistic than others, replacing cool features and functionality with slick marketing in order to save a buck on certain models.

Don’t you wish you could call us from the superstore to see which cheap laptop is the smartest option for your kids?  Well, you can – 853-0850. Seriously, program it into your phone.  Now. Would you rather know the answer before you buy, or a few months down after you’ve purchased it, when you discover that the machine is useless?

We Service New Laptops

Now you’re probably wondering why on earth a new laptop would need servicing, right?  It’s preventative maintenance, especially for students computers. Computers that kids will be operating need to be prepared for the onslaught of viruses and malware that are distributed on the sites where they play games and communicate with friends. They also need to be purged of the factory-installed trial versions, too.

When we get a brand new laptop in the shop, the first thing we do is get rid of the trial program installations. Computer manufacturers make business deals with software companies, designed to trick the consumer into buying the full version of a software program by making them dependent upon the trial version.  The last thing you want to do is spend $300 registering software on a $200 computer because your son’s homework was made using the “trial version” and now no one can open the file.  We can get rid of the trial ware and recommend alternatives to expensive software programs.

Free Virus Protection Programs

MSI Laptops in Yakima

MSI makes mini netbooks and full-size laptop computers

You’re welcome to purchase a virus protection program, but paid-for protection can be just as effective as free protection, especially when a 12 yr old is using their own judgment about whether or not to allow a program access to his webcam, or installing a game that happens to have adware attached.

Bring your child to pick up the laptop, so we can scare him straight about virus protection. Sometimes kids just need to know what to look for, and how to respond when their computer is doing something strange. Some kids won’t tell you if their computer is acting up because they’re afraid of getting into trouble, but fear won’t protect their computer from viral attack. Arm your kids with the power to operate their own virus protection program, the knowledge to execute a full system scan, and the tools to protect your hard-earned computer budget.

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