Avoiding Facebook Viruses

2010 May 22
by J Storlie
Facebook Virus Removal is Important

Don't get Viruses from Facebook Videos

When your Grandma is placing a link on your Facebook wall to the “sexiest video ever” It might be a virus. Didn’t you think that was odd anyway? But other times, it isn’t so obvious, like when your nephew sends you “Distracting Beach Babes” video. “Candid Camera Prank” is another virus disguised as a video.

How can you avoid getting viruses from Facebook videos?

#1 Use common sense. You know Grandma didn’t send you that video. In fact, you might want to stop by her house and help her run a virus scan on her system and have her make you a bologna salad sandwich. By all means, however, don’t watch the video.

#2 Use protection. Install a reputable anti virus program. We recommend Avira, it’s a free download. The company earns money from users who upgrade, but the free version is adequate (it’s especially better than nothing) If the download and install are too difficult for you, we might know a guy who can help 🙂

#3 Scan regularly for viruses. But if a website (or Facebook “fan checking” application) popup offers you a free scan, or tells you that they detected a virus, DO NOT ACCEPT. This is a scam. Undoubtedly they will “find something” and charge you to remove it or they will nag you to upgrade ($50-$100) every 2 minutes, slowly disabling your system one feature at a time, and telling you it’s the work of a virus.

#4 Update your anti virus software regularly. Somewhere on the dark side, evil geeks invent new virus codes every day, in underground laboratories built with your stolen money and insulated with mismatched socks they liberated through the dryer virus (and you thought it was a myth). Antivirus software takes a little while to catch up and sometimes won’t “catch” the virus or know what to do with it, especially if it was invented after your most recent update.

If you’ve been infected, or suspect you’ve been infected, run a system scan using your anti virus software. Malwarebytes is an antispyware program that we recommend, and it’s compatible with Avira.

If the built-in tools in your antivirus program don’t remove the virus, or if the virus is programmed to reinstall itself (isn’t that evil?) just bring the computer into the shop and have it repaired.

Either way, it needs to be addressed quickly or your entire network is at risk. Personal data, passwords, banking information and Grandma’s bologna salad recipe are at risk. It’s that serious.

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