Windows 10

2014 October 20
by J Storlie

Windows_Product_FamilyWindows 10, are you excited because we know we are. Late last month microsoft released Windows 10 for tech preview so some of the things mentioned below may or may not be in the final version of the OS. This is just a tech preview giving your IT professionals a heads up of things to come.

So being the geeks we are we got excited and downloaded it. The general opinion of our techs is that we like what we see. Now I could ramble on and on about all the cool new features but for now I’m just going to cover some of the things that we liked to most.


Windows 10 Desktop

Windows 10 Desktop

Have no fear, Microsoft brought users back the feature that everyone is familiar with, the all powerful start menu. No more updating to windows 8.1 or installing a third party piece of software to give you all back what most of us need and love. Now they did keep the tiles for touchscreen users in addition to a classic start menu. By adding tiles to a start menu they are making it easy for touchscreen users as well. Tiles can be added, removed or re-sized depending on customization by the user.

Dual desktops for users need I say more. All under the same user you can have one desktop for work one for play and another for well whatever, its pretty cool if you think about it. Have your games all setup and ready to go under one desktop and work spreadsheet, document and banking on another. Keeping it all in one place but organized at the same time.

Now most people may not know about this feature but it has been around for a while. Task Viewer its not much different from the Alt-Tab keyboard combination shortcut, but it has gotten a facelift and its own button the the taskbar. This highlighted feature should make it easy for power users to switch between windows and tabs.

Family Safety is another addition to windows 10 that we like sure windows 8 and 8.1 had this feature but how many people know about it and or use it. Family Safety enables parent to have control over kids accounts. Taking control over the websites you want your children to have access to. Set time limits on when kids use the computer and what apps they have access to when they use it. All based on a schedule you determine. Control games and windows store apps based on rating or title. And activity reports on users all under family safety. See what your kids were up to when they were signed onto the machine.

Family Safety

Family Safety


Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg for Windows 10. We enjoyed playing with the preview and putting it through its paces. Now lets see what Microsoft will add to it and show off when they talk more about it early next year.

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