What to do when your Facebook account is hacked

2010 July 28
by J Storlie

Hopefully you will never need this information. But every now and then a rogue Facebook application will take over your profile, sending advertisements and porn to friends and family without your knowledge.

Unfortunately, it won’t be without your consent. That’s right, you gave it permission so technically it isn’t a hacking situation, but it feels like one. So you gave it permission and you can take it away. Instead of cancelling your account or blaming Facebook for poor security, or changing your password (which won’t help) you just need to know how to take away their permission.

Step 1

facebook login

Sign in to Facebook.com

Log into your Facebook account

In the upper right hand corner of the screen,click  on “Account.”

change facebook application settings

Facebook Application Settings

Step 2

A drop-down menu will appear, then click on “Application settings” Facebook will automatically display your recently used apps. Skim through the list of titles and delete the ones that you don’t trust.  New or unfamiliar apps are more likely to be the culprit.  Once you’ve weeded through the recently used list, double-check the “granted additional permissions” and make sure that nothing looks fishy there.

Deleting Facebook Apps

How to delete a Facebook application

Sometimes- I don’t know how often, but I’m sure it happens- nice people will develop a harmless application and then rack up a lot of followers and sell out or get hacked, much to the surprise of their followers, so it might not be something recent.  So stay in your application settings and check the “all authorized” to get rid of everything unfamiliar.

If you’re sure you know which one it is, you can Report the App to Facebook, to save others the stress and headache.

Once your account is cleaned up, be sure to remove the evidence from your wall and friend’s walls, so your friends don’t fall victim, too.

Step 4

Share this post with your family and friends.  In fact, bookmark it or email it out so that everyone knows what to do.  You can never be too careful.

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