Dinerware POS System for Restaurants

Restaurant POS in Yakima

Dinerware for Restaurants

Does your restaurant need a POS System? Yakima Networking proudly helps local restaurants operate smoothly with the Dinerware POS Software. This system was created for restaurateurs, by a restaurateur. Harvard graduate and Microsoft manager Carl English learned the limitations of other POS Systems when he decided to run a restaurant. The system is designed to be

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to modify

The software is highly flexible and can accommodate everything from fine-dining to night clubs to fast food and delivery. Dinerware is a tool that helps staff and managers work more efficiently, with full reporting and record-keeping capabilities.
POS System for Fine Dining
Dining room maps and table seating guides are built-in to the Dinerware system, so that servers, hosts and other staff can care for your guests without the guesswork. Eliminating unnecessary and time-consuming communication between the front and the back of the house allows your staff to focus on the needs of the guests, saving you money in the long run.

POS Systems for Bars and Night Clubs
Dinerware can be used in a bar setting. A built-in inventory system guards against loss and allows servers to handle multiple tickets at once, with no confusion. Rare order and house drink recipes can be programmed in to print on the backend, for consistency.

POS Systems for Fast Food
Multiple work stations with easy touch-screen order entry makes it easy to create on-screen menus with easy navigation for training. This system has been called “So easy a 6 yr old can operate it.”

POS Systems from Yakima Networking
Yakima networking works closely with restaurant owners and staff to integrate a POS System by making sure you have enough stations, that each station is set up with the proper hardware. Electronic cash drawers, barcode scanners for inventory, 10 key pads for debit and credit card integration, touch screens, keyboards and wired or wireless mouse can all be used in different configurations to create a solution that meets your needs.

The Power is in the Reports

Beyond the easy training and the streamlined ordering process, the Dinerware POS System gives you the power of knowledge. Every sale can be tracked and an infinite number of reports can be processed. In addition to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & annual sales reports, use the system to track inventory, staff hours, cash-count discrepancies, voided and discounted sales, coupon usage, and reports on specific menu items. The reports can be exported into spreadsheets that work with Microsoft Excel. The value of these reports is beyond measure. If you could schedule your servers so that your highest wine-upsellers worked the dinner shift, would you? Knowledge is power and with Dinerware, the power is in your hands.

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