Computer Parts and Accessories

There comes a time in every computer user’s life when suddenly they need a replacement cable, cord, charger, adapter, or other component. Yakima Networking keeps an inventory of the computer accessories and parts you’re most likely to need. We have access to manufacturers’ parts via wholesale suppliers, meaning high quality and low prices for you.

Buying computer cords can be a headache; there are so many different connectors and components that it’s easy to get confused and buy the wrong cord.  Yakima Networking gets it.

Replacement Cords and Cables

Computer cables and cords

In addition to clear packaging that allows you to see both ends of each cord before purchase, the service technicians at Yakima Networking are really good about helping you choose the cords and cables to suit your needs.
Whether it’s a power cord that reaches into the next room, an ethernet cable, a USB cable, audio/video, printer, a car charger for your laptop or even a replacement charger, Yakima Networking keeps an extensive inventory of cords and cables that you need most.

Computer repair parts in Yakima come from Yakima Networking’s  trusted manufacturers and suppliers, so you can find replacement mother boards, sound cards, video cards, hard drives, power sources, CPU fans, internal modems, DVD drives, CD drives, USB ports, RAM and anything else that needs replaced.
Technofiles and geeks love shopping at Yakima Networking for parts they can install on their own. Highly trained and reputable service technicians are available 7 days a week to install replacement parts in your computer.
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