Managing Staff with Point of Sale Software

2010 June 25

Cash Register

If you’re using an old fashioned time clock to manage your labor expenses and a cash register to track your sales, you’re losing money. Period. This method may have worked in the past, but these days, a POS system for your business is designed to handle so many different sets of numbers and replace so many old-fashioned activities, you may be surprised what a point of sale system can do for you

Electronic Time Clock

With a POS System, your employees only need to touch the screen, enter their ID number and they’re clocked in (or out) You can put an end to things like

  • punching in early in order to get paid more

Because Dinerware and other POS Systems  can be programmed to not ALLOW early clock-ins, so your schedule matters to someone other than you

  • working late or overtime without permission

Because your system can be set up to alert you about possible overtime, and late clock-outs can be set up to require a manager’s permission

Payroll Calculator

Enter employee information into your POS System and create easy records that can be saved into a spreadsheet and transferred to your Quickbooks file, or sent to the accountant or payroll service.  You’ll never have to spend another minute calculating timecards.

Easy POS Training for Staff

One excellent thing about touch-screen POS Systems like Dinerware is that they’re very easy to use.  The software is customized to your menu and pricing. New employees can be turned loose in “training mode” to explore the touchscreen options, place practice orders and learn the system on their own.  During training, costly mistakes can be avoided since the system has your prices and options programmed, just for you.

Easy Close-Out – Extreme Cash Accountability

Closing the drawer at the end of each shift is a lot easier with a POS System. Instead of rummaging through a roll of printed numbers, or checking to see if the green slips match the cash in the drawer, all you need to do is print an end-of-shift report and count the money in the drawer.  Every order that’s been entered into the system will be counted in the report. Checks, credit card sales and cash sales will be listed separately, so there’s no more cross-checking and wondering if you counted right.

New Hires and Managers

Customizable permissions allow managers to void sales and require new employees to ask for assistance when redeeming coupons, or closing a sale.  Staff with higher permission levels have access to sales reports, inventory tracking, employee files and other areas of the system.

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