Point of Sale

Yakima Networking has specialized solutions for business POS Systems. A POS, or point of sale program is a customized program that’s designed for your business. Your products, your prices and your inventory are entered into the system. Staff uses a touchscreen computer to process orders and track sales. As an owner, you have access to the system from home, for real-time peeks at your business.

Restaurant POS Systems

If you run a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, cafe or fast-food establishment we recommend and service the Dinerware RMS.  Designed by a restaurateur, this system is intuitive and easy for your staff to learn.  Popular features include

  • Customizable table mapping for your dining room layout
  • Easy  sales reports, by the hour, by the menu item, by the server and more
  • Touchscreen system is faster than a cash register
  • Print-to-kitchen means no more running tickets

Retail Shops

Whether you’re selling clothing, jewelry, linens, shoes or anything else, this touchscreen system is designed to help you keep track of your inventory,  your vendors and your staff.

  • Allows for coupons and discounts, your way (Happy hour 2-5 or This coupon only valid Tuesday nights)
  • Automates sales and promotions
  • Functions as a timeclock
  • Auto inventory depletion tells you how many items should be on the shelf

Mini Marts and Tobacco Retailers

In a fast-paced environment, the last thing you want to do is keep customers waiting.  Over 50,000 bar codes SKU’s come pre-programmed into this system, which is designed for fast check-out

  • Two-touch checkout
  • Bar code reader
  • Integrates with credit card processing
  • Real time drawer-pull reports

Your Company’s  Point of Sale

Contact Yakima Networking to arrange for a private consultation to analyze the POS needs of your business.  We can customize a solution for you, or find the perfect one to meet your needs.  Stop wasting time making your own spreadsheets or counting tickets. Know what your inventory is without checking the shelf and access real-time stats from home or on vacation.

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