Check out a few your frequently asked questions, and our answers. 

Do you fix phone screens?

Yes! We fix both Android and Apple screens. Call for pricing. :)

Do you do virus removals?

Yes. We do virus removals and malware removals.

My internet stopped working, what can I do?

Try rebooting the modem. If it still continues to not work, call your internet provider. We are not your internet provider.

Can you fix my printer?

We don't generally work on printers. But we are super smart and might be able to figure out the problem. So give us a call!

Do you sell internet?

We do not sell internet. :(

Do you do anything for businesses?

Yes! We actually have a special branch for our B2B customers. We have several plans to help with all your technology needs. Give us a call for more information!

I just got a phone call from someone saying there is a problem with my computer. What should I do?

Do not give them any information and hangup. If you have let them into your computer, unplug it and bring it in immediately. :(

Can you recycle my devices?

Yes, we can wipe your device and recycle it for you.

Where are you located?

2901 W Nob Hill Blvd, Yakima, WA 98902
Right across from Big 5!